01. 11. @ 19:00 | Government fight with misinformation, possibility for censorship, necessary step or just a plan on paper?

The Government announced a fight against fake news and misinformation with an Action plan, which left many in the media business and civil society in question marks.

It announced “proactive measures” against misinformation and “attacks on democracy” and also formed a government body (Action Group) with structures and representatives only of state institutions and safety and intelligence members, without any involvement in it of independent, civil society of media members. The Government promised consultations with media organizations and journalists during the process, while the first meeting of the Action Group closed the meeting for the public after the formal addresses. What is the job of this Action Group? Who will overview and control their work? What are their plans for dealing with fake news and disinformation? Who will decide what is fake and what is real? Why do journalists fear the plan can turn into a field for censorship? Will it influence journalism? These are just some of the questions that will arise at this debate.

Speakers: Zaneta Trajkoska, Dzelal Neziri, Nazim Rashidi, Aleksandar Srbinovski, Vasko Magleshov, Zoran Bojarovski

Moderator: Vasko Magleshov