02. 11. @ 13:30 | #MoJo storytelling, possibilities for development of mobile journalism in the domestic media scene

Mobile journalism offers an extended amount of opportunities and innovative ways of video storytelling, done with less money spent on equipment.

Especially when the domestic newsrooms have less and less finance for media content, could #mojo offer a way to get more good content done in a faster and cheaper way? PINA founded the Mobile journalism Program and offers #Mojo training to young students who work on video stories on important issues in society. What are the opportunities for the program? Is there possibilities for development of this genre in the domestic scene? These are just some of the issues that will be discussed at this panel. We will also see some of the work that the participants in the program are already doing.

The Mobile journalism program in PINA is a part of the project – “Through mobile journalism to raising media literacy”, implemented with the support of the grant program of the project “Media for Citizens – Citizens for Media”, funded by the European Union.

During the talk – refreshments, coffee/cookies

Speakers: Florian Schmitz, Teodora Cvetkovska, Ivana Nasteska, ZHARKO NASTOSKI, Kristina Ozimec

Moderator: Marina Lazarevska