01. 11. @ 12:30 | VR journalism for the protection of refugee rights

AJ Contrast uses VR to explore underrepresented, diverse stories from all over the world

A growing number of newsrooms around the world are discovering the appeal of virtual reality as a way of innovative storytelling and attracting audiences. Is VR the future of journalism? The team of AJ Contrast brings to the limelight the issue of refugee protection and other topics concerning human rights.

AJ Contrast is one of the leading VR journalism teams in the world who explore underreported, diverse stories from and about marginalised communities and developing countries. AJ Contrast produces unique and immersive content that pushes the boundaries of narrative storytelling while transporting viewers to the people and cultures hit hardest by conflict, persecution, and inequality. Maria Fernanda Lauret from AJ Contrast will talk to our audience about some of the stories they did on refugee rights and will engage the spectators by showing VR videos during the workshop.

During the workshop the audience will have the opportunity to use VR headsets, with the help of Maria and the festival’s volunteers. During the whole festival there will also be an exhibit and a separate interactive stand where you can use VR headsets to watch some of AJ Contrast’s VR videos.

The participation of Maria Fernanda Lauret in IFFS is supported by the UNHCR Representation in the country.


Refreshments will be provided during the workshop

Speakers: Maria Fernanda Lauret